Facilitating the adoption of Emerging Technologies in Governance

Who we are

A centre to make governments the fastest and the most informed adopters of emerging technologies.

We, The Emerging Technology Centre,  are a centre of excellence formed under the aegis of Intel India and The Indian School of Business (ISB) to promote, support, and expedite the adoption of emerging technologies, like AI, IoT, etc., in government processes and systems.
What we do

Identify and champion home-grown emerging tech solutions and startups to meet governments’ critical challenges.

The centre is poised to develop as a hotbed of indigenous innovations that link the immense potential of emerging technologies directly to the national development goals.

Happening Now

Our Approach

We start with apprising various ministries and departments about the  utility of emerging technologies like AI in governance. We take it further by working with them to identify and define immediate challenges that could be solved using emerging technology solutions.

Following this, the identified challenges are announced as problem statements for the start-ups and solution providers to propose solutions. The best solutions are vetted and recommended to the governments for implementation.

Above all, we also assist them throughout the implementation of the selected solution to ensure the delivery of the predicted impact.
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Amitabh Kant
Emerging Technologies
Use Cases
Active Members

Advisory Board

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Rajendra Srivastava
Novartis Professor of Marketing strategy and Innovation
Indian School of Business (ISB)
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Manish Gangwar
Associate Dean – Research and RCI Management, Executive Director- IIDS
Indian School of Business (ISB)
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S Arunachalam
Assistant Professor, Marketing and Academic Director-CIE
Indian School of Business (ISB)
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Ananthanarayanan S
Director, India Government Affairs & Public Policy
Intel India
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Neel Bhatia
Director and Head- Startup ecosystem and Strategic Collaborations
Intel India
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Dr. Basavaraju R Shreshta
Executive Director, Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement
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We are always on the lookout for use cases, challenges, and solutions. Please do connect with us. Let’s move towards our national goals together.